50 thoughts on “Singapore Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Julian Schecter says:

    Hey, thanks for this video! I've heard great things about Singapore and after seeing videos such as these, I'm convinced! It's such a gorgeous country with friendly people! I can't wait to go there! Anyway, I look forward to seeing more of your videos! You just earned a new subscriber! 🙂

  2. Vanissa Dee says:

    My favourite destination for spending my free time in this Romeo Tan's country, so I can shop, meet and greet with MediaCorp Chinese Artistes (Romeo Tan, Pierre Png, Elvin Ng, etc), celebrate national day by watching the parade, eat & drink, explore and many more exciting joy. I always fly with FlyScoot and Indonesia AirAsia (QZ) and many best flights to visit and transit here, in Jewel Changi there's a first Pokemon Center outside Japan and the tallest & biggest waterfall to be a must visit.

  3. Enad Evanz says:

    I love Singapore, I stayed there for just a few days. And we realy enjoyed every minute of it. Lot of things to do. The city is beautiful super clean people are kind and discipline. I to visit there again

  4. being explorer says:

    I love singapore😍😍😍.. It's a amazing country.. With amazing beauty.. Just a spectular! I visited last year.till now, I visited more than 10 countries,and I found singapore is best among the countries which I was travelled.. Even usa,europe far behind than singapore..love to travel in future also

  5. SplatoonNerd says:

    I remember spending three weeks in Singapore when I was around eight or nine. I wish I could go back and experience all the things I did when I was younger, it was such a privilege to see all the sights and see what it was like.

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