1. Cộng Đồng Game says:

    I am Vietnamese and according to what I heard and saw in the video above, the police are telling him to turn his head away from the highway (because motorbikes are banned from entering highways in Vietnam). Police officers are trying to say "This road is only for trucks and cars" lol xD

  2. BIGJED75 says:

    Always click no motorways on your maps, learnt that the hard way in Taiwan. But I have to say it was a great experience we had with the local police. I highly recommend a motorcycle trip around Taiwan.

  3. Adam S says:

    Dude, despite this being early on before you were as polished- this Vietnam series is one of your better vlogs. People not viewing are missing out.

  4. diesel says:

    Maps.me is better I found in Vietnam..can be frustrating at times..toll roads lol yes we all experience that mistake..they are marked out just need a little research before hand

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