1. Kenzo Tenma says:

    the person in the wheel chair is sitting in the entrance of the church 6:50 and when i was there this year she was also siting there and the video is from 2017. Get well god bless you

  2. Edmund Geswein says:

    Just wondering if actual Georgians from Tbilisi pronounce the "t"? There's reference to the city in the Georgian song Dari Duri, but in that song they left the "t" silent. Just wondering how Georgians say it when speaking (rather than in a song)?

  3. adavtyan247 says:

    I’m from Yerevan and live in Los Angeles these days. I love my birth city Yerevan, but Tbilisi is the crown jewel of the Caucasus and one of my favorite cities in the world.

  4. O Malley says:

    But isn't he, Luke, kind of part of that equation now of creating potential mass tourism in said locations? I mean not only is he himself going there, but now he just publicly told everyone else to go to those places. So in trying to preserve those heritages he has just thrown in the variables that will inevitably change them.

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