1. Its Me says:

    People from other countries dont like Saudi government and thats ok they don’t have to, but I wish they stop saying we are forced to love our government which is absolutely wrong.
    They aren’t citizens, they don’t get what we get as Saudi citizens. When I tell my foreign friends about what we get as saudi student study abroad they always get shocked 😮 thats why we REALLY love and respect Saudi gov 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦

  2. قرطاسية عزيز says:

    في الدقيقة 9.34 حينما اراد الرحالة اخراج الخنجر امتنع الشاب قال مافي هذا عيب ، وهذا الكلام الصح عند العرب عيب اشهار السلاح الابيض

  3. Uber and Careem says:

    في الدقيقه 7:20 يوم قال له عيب اظن انها من عادات وتقاليد بعض القبايل انه عيب يرجع خنجرك بدون دم او شيء زي كذا ممكن احد يوضحلنا اكثر وشكراً

  4. T SA says:

    Peter, excellent series. Enjoyed watching a few so far and subscribed. Just to let you know, the Google translate is worthless in Arabic. The first sentence you showed on the screen doesn't make any sense. Not at all. Unlike a Latin or Western language, where Google strings a number of words together, one cannot do that in Arabic, for the most part. The language is much deeper. Google may be good for individual words, but when it comes to phrases, it provides utter nonsense. Keep traveling, great work.

    P. S. The second sentence did make sense if you intended " I quit mountain dew a few years back, it made my teeth hurt".

    P. P. S. Taking out the dagger would have been bad manners shown in front of a guest. The young man knew his traditions, and he and his parents are to be commended.

  5. sara queen says:

    Muslims are so loving and sharing and caring because we follow the teachings of Prophet Mohummad, peace be upon him. Even the Muslims living in USA, Europe, or any part of the world are all similar.

  6. shah hilali says:

    That is is awesome dude ! I fully commend your adventurous spirit going into the so called ' Forbidden Country'. If one leaves the politics behind, it is one of the best places to visit. I love Saudi Arabia's topography, it's warm hearted people ….

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