39 thoughts on “THIS IS IRAN? 🇮🇷 First Impressions of the Mysterious Country

  1. Sisir Lurus says:

    You are fortunate to be New Zealand. Peaceful and friendly state so you don't encounter any problem in visiting many places that often misunderstood. By the way, it is my dream to visit NZ

  2. T B says:

    Iranian is a group of ethnic groups, Persian being one of them. Iranian also includes Pashtuns (Afghans), Tajiks, Baloch, Kurd, Ossetian. However, Iranian is also a nationality that includes non-Iranians such as Turkic people (Azerbaijanis).

  3. Mohd M says:

    i was afraid to go to iran and i am from iran. i was afraid all because of the media but when i went there it was actually a very nice place and i learned not to trust media.

  4. Aida Shakibanejad says:

    Watched couple of your videos and for sure they were so amazing. Really love to see every place in the world but not successful to fulfill that dream so far. And I am telling you the perfect way you showed your experience, made me decided to see your videos daily. Thank you so much for sharing coz it really feels I am traveling with you. 👍

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