27 thoughts on “TOURIST EATS UKRAINE FOOD 🇺🇦

  1. sigimmer says:

    Ukrainian born and raised until 7, raised in America. No disrespect in regards to not liking the fat, never liked it either and still don’t when my parents make it

  2. Yevgen Akkerman says:

    Ооо, Привоз – тема. Там с куском хлеба можно было накушаться студенту просто пробуя продукцию 😀

  3. la cha says:

    Oh..Ugh. Having watched some of.your more recent vids I.got the impression that you.were.vegan or vegetarian. Just scrolled.through your vids and thought, hmm, I.wonder what a vegan can find in Ukraine. Ugh. Guess I.got.the wrong impression. Disappointed. You request.people to comment, and I've asked.in comments before whether you were vegan or.vegetarian, as well as requesting that you ask local people for.feedback.and tips for women traveling in those places. Never got any response from you. I'll leave it there.

  4. Brandon Hunt says:

    Can't believe Igor had you eat the fat sober, and cold no less! That is something that after many, many drinks at a Ukrainians home, you eat . This is what true Ukrainians always have in the freezer, just in case.

  5. clay collins says:

    I want to go to Ukraine, I used to work with a couple and all of them were obsessed with shopping and spending money, they all had multiple maxed out credit cards

  6. mikemotorbike says:

    2:22 Narrater is offered a piece of what looks like raw white fat. Q: "Is this cooked?" A: Igor Guide bites lip, pensively, "yes, you can eat it. It's um…. 'part of the pig'". As Narrator takes a bite, he offers helpfully, "Russians won't eat it". pause..soldier choosing his words tackfully, maybe humorously "iI there are nobody..nothing to eat..(camera delicately zooms in as he chews, in case he spits it out I guess)…the Ukrainian men will take a piece of that, y'know"… soldier guide says, with a look of sympathy and concern for the English Narrator.

  7. Matt Y says:

    I lived and worked on and off in Poland for 5 years and the pork meat the sausage etc I so similar. Basically loaded with fat and a taste you either hate or like!

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