29 thoughts on “Travelling with @Indigo Traveller Episode 1 || Abbottabad Motorway || Babar Hayat Vlogs

  1. ch66 traveller says:

    Thanks to Nick for introducing you. I was searching best vloger in pakistan. Expecting exploring beauty of Pakistan. Seen nathiagali video it is best comparing to Nick. ♥️💯 From Chennai, Tamilnadu state of South India

  2. Heaven On earth says:

    میں بھی نیا یوٹیوبر ہوں ایک ٹور کیاہے ترکی کا برطانیہ کارہنےوالا ہوں اور کشمیر سے ہوں پلیز میرے چینل کو کیسے بڑھاؤں اس میں مشورہ چاہیئے شکریہ

  3. Asad Ali Shigri says:

    I have seen you in indigo traveller Pakistan series, thanks a lot for your hospitality and you are so much positive person and now I'm your new subscriber hopefully you'll make more videos of tourist side 🙂

  4. nasir anwar says:

    I've been watching many vlogs made by foreign travellers in Pakistan and they have all been positive thanks to people like you, welcoming and looking after those who come to visit our beautiful country.

  5. Bravo Pakistan. says:

    NHA Pakistan knows nothing how dangerous is motor oil for road safety and general beauty of road surface . This motorway is new but you can see oil drops everywhere
    Are you watching NHA Pakistan
    Do something give high penalties to drivers use stuffs to remove oil spots.

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