1. Леон Русаков says:

    Peter! Thank you to show us our Ukrainian life! Lot of ukranian population forget about war in our territory, don't wont think about people such like this family. You shows that this family is hard working and no cadges something from authorities. Big respect!

  2. MmmyrrrKa says:

    Hold on, Peter! Get well soon!
    You as hero for me, I live in Kiev and life in countryside is something wild, unbelieveble for me, something….unusual.
    Be brave, we with you!

  3. Andy Savechko says:

    Peter!!! It's so interesting to see how you're exploring rural countryside in Southern Ukraine.
    I'm from Ukraine🇺🇦 living in the USA 🇺🇸 (Chicagoland) for ten years. I'm not from Berdyansk region, I'm from western part of Ukraine, but anyway it's interesting even for me to see how people live there, their challenges. I've visited Berdyansk in 2005, having a vacation by Azov Sea while living in Ukraine. Western Ukraine is a little different then Southern Ukraine. The main difference is that Western part is Ukrainian speaking, Southeastern Ukraine is mostly Russian speaking. You should visit Lviv. My hometown. The most beautiful city in Ukraine with rich history and amazing architecture.Then you'll see the difference.
    Very nice , religious family where are you staying with.Being refugees from Donbas region where is the war now, it's not easy for them to set up a new life in the new place. But I like them too. Especially kids, they are hilarious 😁
    And also I like how you're spending time there regardless of some challenges for you as well, like an American, living in absolutely different world. I totally understand that, because I used to live in this country. Your Russian is not bad, but I'd like you to learn Ukrainian language as well📖
    Waiting for new stories. Good luck✌️

  4. Sergey Averto says:

    приятно увидеть родные места, ведь я там вырос…. ты молодец что на такое пошел но те люди к которым ты приехал живут в очень плохих условиях и складываеться впечатление будто все там так живут покажи других людей и как они проводят своё время.

  5. the Dokuchaev says:

    Peter, you're a real man !! We Ukrainians are proud of you, you already became a star on our channels!) Be calm, reasonable and unbiased. Ukraine is a country of contrasts, on one side of the street poverty and destruction, on the other palaces and castles)) But most importantly, to see people. And our people are kind and sympathetic. And do not be shy of anything, behave relaxed;) By the way, you're in good contact with the children, it's noticeable, you're done! 🙂

  6. Павло Чавир says:

    Увидеть свою страну глазами иностранца – очень интересно, познавательно. Спасибо за такую возможность. Удачи.

  7. Fitness Trucker says:

    Huge respect to you man!!! I realize what you are going through right now. I'm from Ukrainian. Although I was born there and lived for 20 years, I've never been in such a village. This is "o shit". You must have tried hard to find that kinda place. There's probably no shower or restroom. Can only imagine how you feel right now. Stay positive ma man!!! 🇺🇦🇺🇸
    For relief it's not necessary to have a health insurance and you can buy almost any medicine with no prescription…

  8. NotMeNotI says:

    oh wow! it's amazing to see an american in ukrainian far away! And I feel for you, I know how hot it can be there, and swarms of mosquitoes add to the charm of this region. I grew up in Berdyansk, but haven't been there for over 15 years or more. Maybe you're planning to make a reportage from there too? It would be wonderful ) In any case, you're amazing, stay strong and good luck (xxx)

  9. Инна Никулина says:

    Только что увидела вас по телевидению, я в шоке!)
    Я тоже с Запорожской области и знаю все прелести жизни в селе, поэтому понимаю как вам трудно.
    Круть, вы молодцы и по-моему большой экстремал!)))

  10. Maria Polischuk says:

    Peter, you are very brave! I like your challenge. I'm very sorry that your experience of living in Ukraine, in a small village will be very one-sided. Ukraine is big and diverse. I invite you to the most beautiful city of Ukraine – Lviv. Here you can see a completely different life. My family also enjoys biking. We can organize for you an interesting journey in the mountains. I hope that you will be interested in my investment.

  11. Alexandr Derkach says:

    Did you use Find my phone option ? In any case – go to the police department. Maybe they will be able to help you, if you can remember the car, car driver or a phone number or even a taxi service name. Just try it!

  12. Просто о Китае says:

    Thank you so much for that awesome content.
    I am a Ukrainian currently living in Shanghai, so these countryside views are like a small glance back on my motherland which I truly love.
    Thanks so much for having that courage to come all the way from SF to the middle of nowhere in Ukraine. Appreciate that and wish you all the best in you show, have fun and take care.
    I will definitely stay tuned!;)

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