1. Claire McGee says:

    1. I love your vids and you positive upbeat attitude —- always grateful / always gracious
    2. I should say: the horrid actions by the Myanmar monks are NOT typical of Buddhist monks everywhere. I've met many and most are like the Dalai Llama. I don't know what is wrong with the Myanmar monks – they do not behave in any way like Buddhists round the world….. Perhaps they are on crack …..
    3. I love your little musical / and cartoon clips here and there among your vids. check out INDUBIOUSMUSIC.com — you would love them I'm sure …. great guys – I can see you all hanging out …. skating and talking – they are upbeat and positive too — song titles BE KIND, We Are Infinite , Frequent See, and so many more —- you guys would have such a good time together
    4. I live among Mayan people in Guatemala — and travel here is cheap …. I would love for you to visit ! I teach English to teens at one of the villages here around the lake. check out my photos on FB – this place is AWESOME.

  2. Robert Anderson says:

    This documentary is a good current example of religious/cultural discrimination in the world. One can find it country by country to different degrees for various reasons. Also, as stated in an earlier comment, this place used to be a reserved forest for elephants, but the environment always looses in political upheavals.

  3. Splendid Truth says:

    With difficulty, there is also ease. Happiness doesn't come from things. It comes from the inside. That's why simple people with few possessions can also find happiness.

  4. Kristina Lirova says:

    I am heading to Bangladesh soon to work on the Rohingya response and thanks to your videos, I am beyond excited to be there! Thank you for the content and for raising awareness 🙂

  5. Shirley Greer says:

    Are they allowed to leave the camp? It's so hard to see this but children bounce back thank God and i pray for them All..I hope the children don't grow up to remember this even though they seem happy I'm sure they have very bad memories and God only knows what they seen..God bless them all and I pray for world Peace and no human should be judged according to there religion.. unbelievable nightmares they all must have..may the good Lord bless them all ten X's fold..I really pray that they ALL find a safe place they can call home…

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