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  1. Rakso350 says:

    Bardzo pięknie przedstawiona nasza stolica. Warszawa jest pięknym miastem. Uważam że jednym z najpiękniejszych w europie wschodniej. Sam jestem polakiem i mieszkam w Polsce. Pozdrawiam pana z całego serca. No i co tu więcej mówić… ZAPRASZAMY PONOWNIE!!!!

  2. 鄭清助 says:


  3. LordVelari says:

    Went to Warsaw for New Years 2020. Definitely the favorite place I've been to. Not just for the architecture, but the rich history, slight air of melancholy, and the resilient spirit of the people!

  4. AJV says:

    We (Lithuanians) are used to constantly complain about an oppresion of communism in the past, but we cannot even imagine what have Poles been through… I literally cried watching this video. Hats off to you, brothers.

  5. Antonela J says:

    I was in Warsaw two weeks ago and it's amazing city, of so much diversity. Polish people are kind and safety is on top level. I will visit it again for sure. Greetings from Croatia

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