44 thoughts on “Water in the Home! (#8) 🇺🇦

  1. Ian James says:

    What a beautiful family ! You are indeed a very lucky man to have got to spend six weeks with them, you are also an excellent film maker.
    I am so enjoying your channel.

  2. Darrell Bordeaux says:

    Peter, no doubt this family touched your life in very deep and meaningful ways.  They are a very special family.   Thank you and all the people that helped in making a lasting difference in the life of this family.  Bless you and your wonderful "extended" Ukrainian family!

  3. Joel Hecht says:

    Just watched your EXCELLENT series on Osypenko. You hit another home run! My family is originally from small villages around Lviv. I visited the area a couple of years ago and could imagine my grandparents lives being very similar to that of Osypenka. Just noticed you have an episode filmed in Western Ukraine. Will check it out this afternoon. Again, congratulations! This is award worthy content.

  4. Vladius says:

    Super! Super! Super!!!! God Almighty employed you to help this family and that's amazing!!!
    I can re-watch you video a great deal of time and the only feelings that come up inside of my nature is tender emotions!

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