1. AMJD S.b says:

    يقول البنزين رخيص جداً اشوى انه ما لحق على عهد الملك عبدالله كان يمديه طلب الجنسية السعودية 😂😂😂

  2. Najwa says:

    You only saw 10% of Saudi hospitality. In northern Saudi Arabia they are known for their generosity. If you come to them, you will see things you have not seen before. I assure you that. Welcome to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia🌹

  3. Fross says:

    Pete, people in the middle east are extremely friendly. Obviously this is why you do this, is to find out for yourself. But these people are so hospitable and extremely welcoming for the most part. Here in the states we would sit there and scream GTF off my property and this and that. But this is another reason why crime there is low. Everyone is so nice. Obviously not every single person would just invite a random stranger, but very nice and welcoming is the key. This is how it always is when I go to the middle east. We portray them to be so mean but in reality there not. Its the nicest people on the planet. There are some bad people dont get me wrong just like here. But its not to common there.

  4. WordToMomsYo says:

    Months later, and I still find myself thinking about this particular video (and the Saudi Grand Canyon video — SO gorgeous!)… the hospitality and warmth of the people, it’s just staggering. What you said about “imagine this happening in America.. walking up to someone’s house as they’re building it, and approaching their children.. and instead of getting suspicious about you, they invite you in and offer you tea.. would this happen in our country?” It really made me think and question certain things. Thanks Again for making these videos, I think you have lots to offer by continuing these efforts.

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