33 thoughts on “Why I Don't Go To TOURIST SIGHTS | Kovalam, Kerala

  1. Travel with Luke Damant says:

    WOW 😱 20k subscribers! I am just amazed! The Kerala people have truly blessed me with their support over the past few weeks during my time here. Unfortunately all good times come to an end and this will be my last video in Kerala 😕 I truly love each and every one of you ❤️ I am now in Tamil Nadu and I will make my way to Madurai then to Chennai. So any recommendations are greatly appreciated 💕☺️

  2. RISHI Ayurveda and Yoga PONDICHERRY says:

    Hi,It’s nice travel journey……keeep it up the inspiration of travel
    Also I invite you to Pondicherry….(it’s a tourist belt——Chennai,Mahabalipuram,Pondicherry,Chidambaram,Kumbakonam,velaganni,Rameswaram……welcome to Pondicherry nice meet u

  3. balachandar shanmugasundaram says:

    hey dude, i have been watching all your videos, I noted one thing that you did amazing is other touring foreigner didn`t. showing INDIA`s nice places and natural beauties. All other foreigners shows chaotic market places, slums. Keep it up . Thank u as an Indian.

  4. Being NavN says:

    Happy to see u in my hometown, Trivandrum… Please Visit all the districts in Kerala, especially Kannur, Kozhikode, Idukki and Wayanadu.. I have one suggestion for you: try to find the best food courts of each place that you are visiting.. If u don't get the right person to ask about the best place, just google it.. I think, You didn't get the chance to have best tasty food in Kerala.. There are many delicious food items in Kerala..
    Try atleast these:
    1)Puttu with Kadala curry
    2)Appam with kadala curry/ Egg curry/Chicken stew
    3)Tapioca with Karimeen pollichathu / any fish curry
    4)Chicken/Mutton/Beef Biriyani (Best in Kannur and Kozhikode)
    For your information: You can eat Beef items only in Kerala.. Don't even use the word 'beef' in other states, because of some political and religious issues..
    Btw, All the Best for your journey.. ☺️👍👍👍

  5. Usman Rasheed says:

    Ee saippanmaarokke pAnde ingana Thanna Keralathil Vann Ellam Kondupokum avassanam Nammal Mallus Shashiyakum …pakshe Luke Bro I am Bigg Fan Off you just 1 day I am watch your full Videos ☺️☺️☺️👍🏻

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