6 thoughts on “Why One American's Video Blogs On Life in Rural Ukraine Are a Must-See

  1. Erick Villegas says:

    I would love to visit Ukraine one day. I have meant people from Ukraine and they remind me of my relatives in Mexico. They really are down to earth and hard working and live their lives day by day.

  2. Insta Vid says:

    Life here is expensive but this is also a place where people make fortunes by creating and growing their companies. How much does it cost to live a month/day in your city?

  3. Oleg Vishnevskiy says:

    Hi to all. I am American Ukrainian. I was born in Vinnytsia, Ukraine in 1967. Ukraine was occupied by Soviet Communist since 1918. Ukraine become freedom again in 1991. The Ukrainian people is so sweet, most in Villages. Every Summer I been spent school vacation in my grandparents's Village, of Ivaniv, Vinnytsia, Ukraine. My kids in USA never ever vill have same Summer like I had. On Summer I been horse ride, and fishing, and got to forest to colect a mushrooms, and swimming, and play soccer, and bicycle, and all food is organic. The Ukrainian girls are mostly beautiful, and kind nice HEART.

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